Sqwishland Zoo 1 & 2 Complete Set

Sqwishland Zoo Animals
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All 10 Zoo Animals Pencil Tops! You get Bear, Turtle, Cow, Penguin, Monkey, Elephant, Squirrel, Kangaroo, Pig, and Frog pencil toppers!

Don't waste your quarters in the machines!

Here you get EXACTLY what you want!


Sqwishland names are:

Sqwear, Sqwurtle, Sqwow, Sqwenguin, Sqwonkey

Sqwelephant, Sqwirrel, Sqwangaroo, Sqwig, Sqwrog


At least 1 Sqwishland game code in every package!

Each animal is hand painted so there will be slight differences once in a while.

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