Sqwishland Mania Bundle~(Almost Complete) Set of 39!

Sqwishland Mania Animals
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(Almost) All of the mania animals in one convenient bundle*! Set of 39!

You will get Zoo 1, Zoo 2, Sea Mania 1, Sea Mania 2, Jungle Mania, Barnyard, Swamp AND Forest!  This set is missing Sqwalligator.

39 sealed capsules. More than 20 Sqwishland game codes!!

Names of Sqwishland animals are:

Sqwow, Sqwig, Sqwelephant, Sqwenguin, Sqwonkey

Sqwear, Sqwirrel, Sqwurtle, Sqwangaroo, Sqwrog

Sqwolphin, Sqworca, Sqwownfish, Sqweahorse, Sqwoctopus

Sqwowfish, Sqwrab, Sqwobster, Sqwalrus, Sqwam

Sqwanda, Sqwoala, Sqwippo, Sqwarrot, Sqwion

Sqwull, Sqwooster, Sqweep, Sqworse, Sqwoat

Sqwake, Sqwalligator, Sqwotter, Sqwossum, Sqwalamander

Sqwox, Sqweaver, Sqwabbit, Sqwaccoon, Sqweer

* Complete sets do not include the next generation Colorful Squishies. These can be purchased separately.

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