Crazy Bones Foil Pack

Crazy Bones Foil Pack
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GoGo's Crazy Bones Foil Pack.  From the "Things" collection.  Contains 4 Crazy Bones, stickers and game card.


Crazy Bones has been around for years and there are hundreds of different ones to collect.  This foil pack contains 4 Crazy Bones from the "Things" collection (characters 61-120)


Crazy Bones isn't just fun to collect.  It's a game, too!

Here are a number of different games you can play:


  • Traditional game: Player tosses a Crazy Bone into the air. Points are scored depending on which side it lands on, with less likely sides (for example, landing straight up, or upside down) receiving more points. Standing up=5, on it's side=2 face up=1 face down=0
  • Battle: Two players arrange their Crazy Bones in parallel rows a distance apart. Players take turns trying to knock their opponent's Crazy Bones out of the row. This is often the most popular game for school crazes as it can be played quickly and easily without much need to set up and without such a high chance of Crazy Bones being stolen.
  • The Bomber: Players take turns throwing a single Crazy Bone into a circle containing all player's Crazy Bones, attempting to remove them from the circle.
  • Airborne: Throw your bone as high as you can being able to still catch it.Then pick up as many crazy bones as possible. (Like jacks)
  • Basket: Players try to get their Crazy Bones into a shoebox by bouncing it against the floor and into the box.
  • On the line: Flip a coin to decide who goes first. The person who goes first rolls, not throws, a Crazy Bone towards a drawn line. The person with the Crazy Bone closest to the line wins.


*About 1" in size.

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